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Smart Living with Smart Solar System

Get Energy Control of Your Business with Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Convert Sunlight into Electricity
Reduce your utility
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Green Energy, Environment Friendly
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Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

30 kW to 3+ MW Smart Solar Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Sectors

Alternate and renewable energy source such as solar energy for any commercial venture is the need of the hour as the electricity tariff is ever increasing and the difference between the supply and demand is ever widening.

Commercial Solar Solutions

We design & supply solar systems for commercial PV applications at low wholesale prices.

We at Areebah not only offer you the best possible solution for your high-energy consumption requirements and control the increasing operational costs, but also provide you an opportunity of the best investment a business with an un-shaded roof can make.


Our innovative monitoring system enables quick identification of problems before they occur.


Every installation must pass our strict quality and safety checklist.


We guarantee routine maintenance support for the duration of the contract.


We conduct a comprehensive energy audit and design a system tailored to your energy needs and use patterns.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Delivering Maximum Solar Production Year-round

Industries have Heavy load requirements and they generally have a large available area. This makes solar a perfect energy solution for industries. Increase in the share of renewables in energy portfolio is another incentive for many big industries for using ‘industrial solar power’.