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Elegant LED Bulb! Stylish Exterior & Interior Illumination

High-performance LED lighting products, lowers energy consumption, optimum illumination for improved safety and productivity.
Powering a smarter, brighter future

Elegant Series - LED Bulb

Areebah‘s Elegant LED bulbs are direct replacements to current incandescent lamps. These LED bulbs offer outstanding light performance while significantly reducing energy consumption, maintenance and energy cost.

Model No. Watts type Input Voltage Kelvin Luminous Lux Base Type
A45-AE03 3W A45 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 300LM E27 - B22
A50-AE05 5W A50 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 500LM E27 - B22
A35-AE03 5W (Candle Light) A35 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 500LM E27 - B22
A55-AE07 7W A55 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 700LM E27 - B22
A70-AE12 12W A70 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 1200LM E27 - B22
A60-AE12 12W A60 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 1200LM E27 - B22
A80-AE18 18W A80 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 1800LM E27 - B22
A95-AE23 23W A95 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 2300LM E27 - B22
A120-AE30 30W A120 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 3000LM E27 - B22
A140-AE50 50W A140 AC90~265V 3000K-65000K 5000LM E27 - B22

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