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Areebah Technologies caters to each client’s needs and goals. We take a strategic approach that involves planning for the present and the future. We offer turnkey solution and services to provide our clients with the flexibility and ease that comes from working with one expert provider.

Outdoor Telecom Power Cabinets

Now all the power you need is right where you need it.

Our solutions are fully customized and tailored made as per the customer requirements which provide flexibility to end user to opt the best solution for their network. The DDTE011 OUTDOOR INTEGRATED TELECOM CABINET is mainly used in wireless communication base station, such as 3G system, communication or network integrated service, access/transmission switching station, emergency communication/transmission, etc.

General Features
  •  Protection level: IP55 & above
  • Compact design, easy to deploy
  • Variety of thermal management options
  • Cooling system equipped in door, easy to maintain
  • Strong anti-theft structure, satisfy European standard
  • HEX (Heat Exchanger)
  • 24VDC / 48VDC Operated Air Conditioner
  • 110VAC / 220VAC Operated Air Conditioner
Hybrid Power Solutions

Cost effective power solution without compromising quality

Hybrid Power Solutions was created in response to a pressing need for safer, cleaner and more effective portable electric systems. Today, Hybrid Power Solutions produces patent pending portable battery systems and customized energy solutions for a variety of industrial markets, including the mining, construction, railway, marine and military sectors. 

With solar becoming cost competitive with wind, towards 2020, wind and solar together are expected to become the largest generation source of new renewable energy installs going forward.

We offer complete site built solutions under one roof, site survey, engineering drawings, civil work, Electrical works, BTS Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Sweep Test, Site Optimization etc.

  • Hybrid Conventional
  • Hybrid Conventional Hybrid All In One Unit
  • Hybrid Combo ( Solar + Wind )

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Our mission is to be trusted as the leading provider of reliable and innovative energy solutions with excellent customer service.


Reliably powering your business. Solving your power needs.

DC Power Supplies and DC Power Systems are our specialty. At Powertech, we provide DC Power Systems that perform superbly in real life conditions. Our services include Designing, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning & Maintenance. 

General Features
  • 48VDC Rectifier Systems
  • 24VDC Rectifier Systems
  • VRLA / Li-ion Batteries
  • DC to DC Converters ( 24VDC to 48VDC or 48VDC to 24VDC )
  • Inverters ( 48VDC / 24VDC to 220VAC )
  • GMT Fuse Panel
  • DC Distribution Cabinets
Extended Battery Solution

More Power, More Efficient, Smarter Energy

Areebah Technologies new integrated and innovative battery power solution is based on unified platform, this solution is very suitable for the area with no, poor, or unstable grid power, including new site construction or existing site transformation.

By parterning with industry best, we offer a comprehensive line of batteries in a number of formats specifically designed for demanding indoor and outdoor Telecom, Cable, Traffic, Security and Renewable Energy applications. In addition to the Gel battery line, Areebah also offers AGM and specialty batteries that support multiple applications while offering extended runtime and warranty options.

Low CAPEX, fuel saving is 50% – 60%, and generator operating time reduced sharply by 50%-70%, compared with traditional duel DG solution.

  • Battery Technologies include AGM, Advanced AGM, GEL, Lead Carbon and Li-ion
  • v2V, 6V, 12V and 48V modules valuable in all ranges